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"Wow!!! I love my website. I was attempting to do it myself when I found that Sandrine put together websites professionally. She took the content I had collected and turned it into a work of art. I have a beautiful wedding venue that is unique and reflects my vision. I have taken great pains to make it wonderful. Why would I give over my biggest marketing tool to the cookie cutter companies that design most bed and breakfast websites? . . . Because I get frustrated with computer stuff.

Sandrine took the time to understand my vision, and my quirky way of looking at the world. My website reflects that. It is filled with colors and images and is functional and inviting. There are many details in this website that work because Sandrine is an artist and understands both the visual language of the online world and the technical language. Many thanks Sandrine! Gorgeous!"

Lynn Feasley, owner of


"I never knew one could laugh so heartily, unlock the muscle tension and even feel rejuvenated during the process of being photographed! Sandrine worked with ease and humor, guiding my two children , one at a time, into poses with their mom. We used hats or scarves and tried on different personalities with our serious or giggling faces. The results were genuine and honest expressions. The changing natural light against color created some stunning shots. There were no shortage of photos to view, only difficulty in deciding which to print. Sandrine's attention to detail is not limited to her photographic skills, but she takes great care in creating a print that attracts the eye. Our family is grateful to have documentation which captures and preserves a moment in the  history of our lives. Thank you, Sandrine."

Suzan Hahn


"From the first moment I walked into Sandrine's loft for her open gallery, I was completely mesmerized and moved by the vivid colors, intensity, drama, depth, power and energy of her work.  As I studied each art piece, I was delighted to discover and view a new interpretation and perspective on nature,  people and life.  Sandrine's work is not only visually stunning, the object of each piece is given an opportunity to blossom and shine. Her exceptional ability to unearth the unique quality and beauty of her subjects allows them to bring forth their greatest gifts and tell their stories. Toward the end of my tour at her open gallery, I had a flash memory of my breathtaking experience watching the 1992 film "Baraka" for the first time.  Sandrine is truly gifted!!"

Gia Eng

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