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"I met Sandrine at an Artspan meeting earlier this year. The meeting was very lively. She spoke of her work and I of mine and we thought we could do an exchange together. I've never had professional photographs of my work before. I brought most of my pieces to her loft the day of the shoot. I was amazed at the amount of equipment she uses in her art. Lights everywhere! I felt like I was on a movie set. Once we decided on a background the photography began. She has her camera tethered to her computer so we could see the raw photograph instantly.   really liked that aspect of her work because it gave me a chance to approve or disapprove the photo instantly.

When Sandrine sent me the link to download my images I was amazed at the detail within her work. The photos were flawless! I was amazed at how wonderful she was able to make my artwork "Pop" against a white background. I immediately worked on my website to include her photographs. I am ecstatic by her work. Her photography has elevated my website to a whole other degree. She was patient with me through the entire process and her professionalism outstanding. I would highly recommend her to anyone having a photography need. Her work on my art can be seen on my website"


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