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Nancy Pionk
Website and headshot
Louisa Williams, ND
Logo, website, photography and book design
The Cottage in the Pines
Website, logo revision and photography
Nourishing Our Children
Logo, website and photography
Nourishing Ourselves
Logo, website and photography
Nancy Fries
Logo, website
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"Wow!!! I love my website. I was attempting to do it myself when I found that Sandrine put together websites professionally. She took the content I had collected and turned it into a work of art. I have a beautiful wedding venue that is unique and reflects my vision. I have taken great pains to make it wonderful. Why would I give over my biggest marketing tool to the cookie cutter companies that design most bed and breakfast websites? . . . Because I get frustrated with computer stuff.

Sandrine took the time to understand my vision, and my quirky way of looking at the world. My website reflects that. It is filled with colors and images and is functional and inviting. There are many details in this website that work because Sandrine is an artist and understands both the visual language of the online world and the technical language. Many thanks Sandrine! Gorgeous!"

Lynn Feasley, owner of

visual communication